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Project Info

Developed Markzey app for teachers to provide grades anywhere, anytime based on online and offline assessments using .Net and Azure Cognitive Services.
  • Industry Domain: EdTech
  • Technology: Mobile Apps and Products
  • Location: UAE

About the Client

With more than 600+ clients, Knowledge Hub has been a pioneer in the EdTech market of Dubai since 2001. The client provides high-quality education to students to meet the ever-growing demands for advanced learning and development. With millions of students empowered the clients major goal is to provide eLearning solutions using advanced technology to help students learn from a distance and leveled the educational playing arena. The client is a giant in the market expanding from Dubai to other Emirates throughout the Middle East Region offering K -12 and higher education solutions. Some of the popular learning solutions include LEGO Education, TECHNOKIDS, S.A.M. Labs, Game-Based Learnings, and many more.


As the client is the giant in the EdTech world, they wanted a product for creating online and offline assessments for the students. An automated proctoring android app development services software was needed to conduct exams most securely without any glitch or cheating. Not only an online android app development service but also require an offline mode that can allow teachers to scan the answer sheets and calculate the results accordingly in some minutes.

The proctoring software was required to help both teachers and students by conducting exams remotely and providing the results in a short period.


Csharptek developed the custom automatic proctoring software known as Markezy providing android app development services for the client which helped to flag any suspicious activity or behavior during the exam. The custom android app development services helped to provide already created exams, create new exams, list several questions, and so on. The software was not only for the online exams but also for the offline and pen-paper assessments. In the offline mode, the students are provided with question papers, they need to give exams on the exam centers, then the answer sheets are scanned by the software, and the results are evaluated accordingly.

Technology Stack

  • • Developed Online proctoring software using .Net MVC 5 architecture and android app development services that can provide exams, create exams, evaluate results, etc.
  • • Implemented the offline version of the software for the students who want to give exams in the exam centers.
  • • Evaluated results in a short time by using Azure cognitive services for Image and Handwriting recognition.

Automated Custom Software

Csharptek developed the candidate-friendly client’s software Markzey providing android app development services using the .Net MVC architecture which increased the average test-taking rate as compared to traditional tests. Markezy enables to support multiple views for a model and MVC supported rapid and parallel development of the web application. It has its own set of question banks for numerous subjects based on different levels, skills, or standards. These questions include Multiple Choice Questions, Fill in the blanks, Ordering Matching Pairs, True or False, and even essays. The institute can easily create and manage test items according to their requirements, align content according to their standards, utilize multiple learning measures, and enable deep content search.

Enriched with a great Question Bank, Markzey as android app development services also helps educators to create their assessments with their unique QR Codes. Using this QR code, assessments can be uploaded quickly and easily by educators and even students.

Proctored Online Assessments

Csharptek has enabled Markzey with online proctoring android app development services which prevent digital cheating through online assessments. Cheating can be prevented by not allowing the students to copy-paste answers from the internet, accessing any other website to find the answers, preventing them to switch tabs, or opening a new window, and so on. At the higher level, the browser is locked until the exam is submitted or time is over. Also, facial detection, mobile detection, audio detection, or any other cheating instrument detection are the major features of the proctoring software that are incorporated through Image Recognition. One of the additional features of security provided is that the teachers can add a passcode for the exams to allow respective students to take the tests.

Offline/pen-paper assessments

Along with online assessments, Csharptek has provided offline or pen-paper assessments in the android application development services software. The students who want to take offline assessments in the exam center are provided with the question papers by printing them. Completed paper assessments by the students are then scanned using any scanner and then uploaded to the cloud platform dedicated to Markzey. The results are then evaluated using Azure cognitive services along with Google recognizer which enabled easy assessment of papers as it recognizes the identity of the student through names and IDs. The unique QR code allows it to be filed in the correct section of every student. In the end teachers and students, can share feedback which includes annotations, comments, scores to support further learning.


Markzy - the android app development services software was developed by Csharptek which offered an effective way to create, manage and deploy assessments in both online and offline manner. It consists of more than 94,000 standard-based assessments that allow educators to quickly measure student performance providing android application development services India. The benefits are for several types of people, admin, teachers, and students to provide flexible standards-based formative assessment items. The software was developed using .Net MVC 5 architecture, scanning of offline answers using Image and Handwriting recognition, evaluation of results through grading, and a variety of analytics features.

Markezy now completely fulfills the requirement of a school or college management by providing great tests as well as for the students who can view their reports quickly. Csharptek worked on every challenge of the client and delivered a flawless product on time. Creating, Grading, and Analyzing assessments are now made easy with Markezy. With a Microsoft Silver Cloud Platform Competency, Csharptek provides end-to-end IT solutions that can help you develop custom software according to your requirements. Csharptek has expert professionals working with Azure Services, SaaS solutions, Managed Services, and many more. So, if you are seeking any kind of Azure Services or some kind of custom software from Microsoft’s Silver Competency, get in touch with our front desk supporting team at or call on 18008902630

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