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Create new capabilities and respond to the technological needs of today, tomorrow, and beyond. We are on a mission to deliver the best technology - right from the basic to the toughest - brilliantly using advanced technology, techniques, and tools. Csharptek is an end-to-end IT and cloud solutions-driven company based out of Ranchi, Jharkhand, India, and helps organizations/individuals solve their technological problems. Our promise is simple: We work to deliver the exceptional every day. Csharptek is an ISO 9001:2008 certified web/mobile app development company. It has ten years of rich experience in the cloud solutions-driven field. With cloud services becoming the order of the day, we ventured into this space, too, and have been providing certified Azure services. Some of the services provided by azure are Azure cloud apps, Azure DevOps, chatbots, Machine Learning, Azure cloud infra, and security app. As an outsourced software service provider, we have expanded our footprint not just pan-India but in the international arena, too.
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Our aim is not just to dominate the world of digital transformation; we are relentlessly driven to turn disruptions into an advantage for our clients. And to do just that, we have assembled a great team of fun, talented and motivated people committed to empower enterprises with great technology. They solve sector-specific problems across devices, apps, and infrastructure using proven expertise in AI, MI, IoT, and cloud solutions-driven. They can get you started in a measured, manageable, and affordable manner. We promise that our clients can make remarkable and lasting improvements to their operations. Our clients will get everything they need to grow further.

Our values

Our very existence is based on specific core values to which we adhere to tooth and nail. We believe in integrity and uphold the highest level of transparency, honesty, and fairness in all our dealings with our clients, business partners, and staff, too. With Microsoft Azure managed service provider we are consistent in our operations and have inculcated a strict set of personal principles - including quality control, professionalism, and excellence – through all our operations. All our engineers are unwaveringly dedicated to excel in the cloud solutions-driven field and create meaningful outcomes. Our organization boasts of a culture of open communication where our employees feel motivated to reach higher goals. We relentlessly strive to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and walk an extra mile to deliver customer-centric solutions.

What We Actually Do

It’s not about technology or cloud operations; it’s about creating meaningful operations

Mobile app development
Application integration
Offshore product development

Explore a gamut of tech services with us

  • .NET
  • ML/Ai

Adopt the best .net technique

We understand individual requirements, and our developers are honed for this very purpose to design, develop, and deploy cost-effective and reliable .NET solutions that are in line with the goals and needs of even complex businesses.

Optimize SQL databases

As a certified Microsoft service provider, Csharptek is leading the way in providing SQL server development services. We help organizations grow by delivering a host of SQL services like backup and recovery, performance tuning and monitoring, and maintenance, among others.

Seamless managed Azure services

Our Azure services powered by Microsoft are customizable to suit customer needs. Harness the full benefits of Azure services and bring agility in operations while managing speed, economic costs, risks and what not.

Experience power-packed services

Want to develop an application using the C# language? Bet for Xamarin. With cross-platform functionality, it can help you reach out to a wider audience with apps that have modern-day functionalities. Our developers have mastered various operating systems, thus minimizing programming costs with a single C# codebase.

Activate intelligence with AI and ML

Enhance customer and employee relations using our comprehensive Artificial Learning and Machine Learning services and leverage the full power of transformation at scale. Turn insights into scalable operations with real-time data and analytics to gain tangible business outcomes.

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