Disaster Recovery With Microsoft Azure


Microsoft Azure Disaster Recovery

Project Info

Managing the Geo Redundancy and incorporating Disaster Recovery Strategies with 99.99% durability of data with Microsoft Azure Services.
  • Industry Domain: Address Changing Services
  • Technology: Azure Infrastructure Ops
  • Location: US

Introduction to Client

Addressgenie is a private company with over 10 years of experience in the industry. They offer global, address-changing concierge services, file new addresses with the USPS, companies, and personal contacts. They act as an agent on behalf of their customers when fulfilling change of address requests with the USPS and their companies. Partnered with over 3,000 companies to find solutions to their customer's problems and provide customized offers based on their specific needs within 24 hours through their Custom Offer Concierge.

Call for Update

The client's server and the website were initially running on an OVH server located in Paris. Due to a natural disaster such as the fire at the data center, the client’s properties as well as many irreplaceable files and information were lost. These files were of utmost importance to the client but due to a natural calamity, they couldn’t be found which caused a huge downtime for the client’s website. Also, the Website running on the OVH platform was slow due to the problem of some applications level like network requests taking a long time, application code or database queries being inefficient, an application using high memory/CPU, application crashing due to an exception, and many more.


Due to no disaster recovery, the client has already lost a lot of reputable customers and now wanted to migrate the server to Microsoft Azure. Csharptek helped the client to achieve the proper deployment, maintenance, and azure disaster recovery through Microsoft Azure App Migration. We have played a major role in implementing Geo redundancy and Disaster recovery strategies for the new server of the client.

Technologies Stack

  • Improved performance efficiency by monitoring and optimizing client's services and workload, which was achieved by using the overall monitoring strategy, considering the performance of their applications with scalability.
  • Migrating the infrastructure to Azure server has diverse capabilities such as app modernization, Cost-efficient, increased time to market, proper infrastructure, and easy deployment strategies for the client.
  • Provides Geo-Redundant backup implementation which ensures business continuity during outages by replicating applications and workloads from their primary location to a secondary site.
  • Implemented Azure Disaster recovery and backup strategies in a timely and orchestrated manner to ensure that the data is always readily available in case of any calamities.

High Durability with Geo Redundancy

Csharptek involved a very efficient way of providing high availability and durability to the client’s data on the server. This process simply states taking backup of client’s server data in multiple data centers of a particular cloud provider and it is referred to as Geo Redundancy. Microsoft Azure by default provided geo-redundancy across three Azure availability zones. We chose US and UK regions for the client’s server data to be readily available. This provides 99. 99999999999999% (16 9’s) durability of data over a given region.

Azure Storage provides replication of data to multiple regions providing several advantages such as data integrity, mitigates maximum bearable downtime during a calamity, high availability of data, and improved data center response time for the end user.

Azure Disaster Recovery in cloud computing

Csharptek also worked on several disaster recovery strategies to avoid costly business interruptions for the client. Azure Disaster Recovery is somewhat related to Geo Redundancy only where if one of the data centers is not working properly or is upgrading then the data required by the client’s server is retrieved through another data center. This other data center contains a replicated copy of data from the first data center.

Azure offers end-to-end backup and cloud disaster recovery making the client’s server secure, simple, scalable, and cost-effective. Azure Disaster recovery provides flexible re-routing of services and functionalities, planned failovers with zero data loss and recovery, high resilience, and many more.


Migrating to Azure cloud has transformed the ability to engage with customers in a more agile way and has optimized their operational processes, thus, increasing the overall performance of the client’s server and website significantly. Azure Migration of the website has helped to access network requests quickly, efficient application code and database queries, high uptime of the server, and so on. This project’s success was critically important for our client’s business. We were able to build hybrid Azure infrastructure, achieving high durability and availability, and azure disaster recovery and backup, with more than hundreds of business applications based in the cloud. Many services are managed on-premises, which gives flexibility to their control capabilities. With migration, we were able to manage and consolidated thousands of users, accelerate processes and automate many tasks, as all new servers will be cloud-based.

With lots of experience gained from our client’s business, we’ve got a lot of other projects to improve and you need to know that no matter the level of ambiguity in your business, do not hesitate to make changes where it's required, as we can assure you 100% that it's possible to solve any problem even in the most difficult situations. Csharptek is an end-to-end IT solution provider company that can help you to rebuild your damaged server from scratch on Microsoft Azure with 99.99% durability and azure disaster recovery strategies. Csharptek has experienced professionals working with Azure Services, SaaS solutions, Managed Services, and many more. So, if you are seeking any kind of Azure Services or some kind of custom software from Microsoft’s Silver Competency, get in touch with our front desk supporting team at info@csharptek.com or call on 18008902630

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