Deployment A Damaged Server Through Azure App Migration


Migrating Damaged Server to Azure

Project Info

Deploying a damaged server from scratch, providing quicker updates of the server and 99.99% availability of data with Microsoft Azure.
  • Industry Domain: Address Changing Services
  • Technology: Azure App Migration and Deployment
  • Location: US

About the Client

Addressgenie is a private company with over 10 years of experience in the industry. They offer global, address-changing concierge services, file new addresses with the USPS, companies, and personal contacts. They act as an agent on behalf of their customers when fulfilling change of address requests with the USPS and their companies. Partnered with over 3,000 companies to find solutions to their customer's problems and provide customized offers based on their specific needs within 24 hours through their Custom Offer Concierge.

Call For Update

The client's server and the website were down due to a natural disaster. A heavy ice storm caused complete damage to the client's properties as well as irreplaceable files and information, and also results in roofs collapsing from the weight of the snow and ice, which makes the data very hard to recover.

App running on the platform was slow due to the problem of some applications level like network requests taking a long time, application code or database queries being inefficient, an application using high memory/CPU, application crashing due to an exception, and many more.


Csharptek takes a phased approach when it comes to Microsoft Azure cloud migration. We identify apps and workloads that are most suited to the cloud and determined which service model is the best fit for each app.

Applied Technology

  • • Implementation of azure traffic manager, which helped to control the distribution of traffic across client's application endpoints, with Continuous monitoring of endpoint health and automatic failover when endpoints fail.
  • • Performed load testing to ensure all applications scale effectively and don't fail during peak times, and to a specified limit.
  • • Improved performance efficiency by monitoring and optimizing client's services and workload, which was achieved by using the overall monitoring strategy, considering the performance of their applications with scalability.
  • • Automated the server’s lifecycle by incorporating Azure DevOps services such as container-based systems, using docker, etc.
  • • The entire backend was converted to a serverless architecture which reduced downtime, costs, and improved performance.

Focusing on Quicker Updates

The client was using a different cloud provider and therefore, is facing performance issues because their source database uses a simple or bulk recovery model. This recovery model generates more log data than the simple/bulk-logged recovery model, meaning their DML transaction processing in the full recovery model will be slower. We were able to compare the workload running on their Server and Database managed instances and made sure their databases on both sides are using the full recovery model. For this, we used .Net Framework with Microsoft Azure for flexible deployments and quicker upgradations over installed Docker containers for their new server.

Migrating to Azure Cloud

The client was running the server on some different cloud providers which could not provide disaster recovery and hence, the client has lost all the data. After everything was in place, we migrated the server to Azure cloud due to its wide-ranging features and most importantly, durability and availability of data during any demise. In case of any disruption of data in the near future, timely recovery, and orchestration of data is now possible for the client. Not only recovery Azure has provided a lot many features to the client such as Azure Active Directory, Azure Functions, serverless functionalities, security, etc.

Azure Migration also has a tailored service for .NET web apps to provide an end-to-end fully managed platform. Not only migration helps in improving scalability, but it is also about improving client’s financial resilience by shifting from a traditional upfront expenditure to a more flexible pay-as-you-go model.

Azure Storage Life Cycle

Azure storage life cycle management offers a rule-based policy that can be used to transition data to the best access tier and expire data at the end of its lifecycle. This lifecycle management policy helps to:

  • • Transition blobs to a cooler storage tier if not modified for some time for performance and cost optimization.
  • • Blobs should be deleted at the end of their lifecycles
  • • Rules to be carried out once per day must be defined at the storage account level. This supports the GPv2 and Blob storage accounts.
  • • Rules should be applied to containers or a subset of blobs (using prefixes as filters)
Cloud and DevOps always go hand-in-hand. Different DevOps tools such as Dockers, containers, etc. were incorporated throughout the software’s lifecycle to provide faster deployments, high security, and improved maintenance of the server for the client.


Migration to the cloud plays a major role in attaining digital transformation and this is always very hard for businesses to decide on as it requires some considerable resources. This depends on the current technological stack, infrastructure features, compatibility of tools in use, with some other factors. However, companies that want to migrate must be ready to pass through difficulties. Thus, leaving this behind depends on how fast you were able to decide, as this moves you to the next stage of the process.

Reduction in the percentage of successful task completion may result from the lack of proper understanding of roles and involvement of all parties in the process.

Outdated servers require a special approach because there is no common method that could be applied generally within the framework of one project.

This project’s success was critically important for our client’s business. We were able to build hybrid Azure infrastructure, Active Directory servers, and services, with more than hundreds of business applications based in the cloud. 

Many services are managed on-premises, which gives flexibility to their control capabilities. With migration, we were able to manage and consolidated thousands of users, accelerate processes and automate many tasks, as all new servers will be cloud-based.

With lots of experience gained from our client’s business, we’ve got a lot of other projects to improve and you need to know that no matter the level of ambiguity in your business, do not hesitate to make changes where it's required, as we can assure you 100% that it's possible to solve any problem even in the most difficult situations. Csharptek is an end-to-end IT solution provider company that can help you to rebuild your damaged server from scratch on Microsoft Azure improving your codebase and automating software’s lifecycle. Csharptek has experienced professionals working with Azure Services, SaaS solutions, Managed Services, and many more. So, if you are seeking any kind of Azure Services or some kind of custom software from Microsoft’s Silver Competency, get in touch with our front desk supporting team at or call on 18008902630

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