Mordernizing It Business With Microsoft Azure


Modernize IT Business With Microsoft Azure

Project Info

Modernizing architecture, platform, delivery, and security of the client’s toolkit resulting in better development and maintenance.
  • Industry Domain: Business and Technology
  • Technology: Azure Modern App Development
  • Location: San Francisco Bay Area


Providing step-by-step guidance for a leading group to conduct fast-paced, high-value online workshops, the client brings over 30 years of experience to accelerate process change in business and technology. Client’s Toolkit based on Saas application is responsible for conducting online meetings for collaborative process change. It acts as a collaboration between workflow modeling and stakeholder alignment. The method has been applied to a wide range of purposes such as in Software development, complex sales, customer success, employee success, and many more. Clarity, collaboration, and connectedness are the main principles of the client and its procedures have been used in over 100 workshops including with HP, Intel, Target, ConAgra, and Chevron. Their major goal is to deliver high-quality collaborative results in hours or days rather than weeks or months.

Call for Action

The development and maintenance of the client’s toolkit are the key requirements for the company. In this fast pacing digital era, for continuing with better development and maintenance keeping security, reliability, and faster updates in mind, a method needs to be found. The client was using ASP .Net, Bootstrap with MySQL Server Saas application which needs to be modernized to improve productivity, increase time-to-market, lower deployment cost, and bring DevOps agility.


Csharptek used Azure Modern App Development services for better development and maintenance of the client’s toolkit. Keeping security, robustness, and functionality in mind, the client’s toolkit was migrated to Microsoft Azure. Azure modern app development services leveraged agility along with DevOps practices to define the right architecture for the toolkit.

Modernizing Architecture

Firstly, Csharptek worked on improving the architecture of the client’s toolkit by enabling the azure cloud-native architecture which helped in updating innovative ideas more often, faster responses, increasing scalability, and more resilience. This enabled the toolkit with modern characteristics such as agility to expand, secure, and uptime, dynamically integrating data that powers the digital experience. Cloud-native architecture can be achieved through:

  • 1. Microservices: A popular architectural style for constructing modern applications is by using Microservices that have a larger domain context and are deployed independently. Microservices provide agility, scalability with demand, and resilience to the client’s toolkit. Csharptek has used the .Net platform for incorporating microservices.
  • 2. Containers: Containerizing a microservices is the need of the market and is very simple to achieve. All of the code, its packages, and runtimes needs to be packaged in an image store in the Azure registry. Whenever required this image can transform into a running container instance. This has provided portability and consistency to the client’s toolkit by encapsulating everything into a single package called image.
  • 3. Backing Services: Services such as analytics, storage, monitoring, distributing, and many more are categorized under Backing Services. These backing services are built by the Azure cloud bringing redundancy, availability, and maintenance to the client’s toolkit.
  • 4. Automation: Automating the client’s toolkit with the Azure DevOps has been considered as one of the core features. Automating infrastructure, deployments with CI/CD Azure Pipelines has reduced the errors and increased efficiency.

Modernizing Platform

Csharptek worked on developing the client’s business and technical needs by deploying the client’s toolkit on Azure IaaS and PaaS. Modern integrations using out-of-the-box APIs and connectors have developed the client’s toolkit to access data easily and keep systems up-to-date in real time. With Azure cloud integration services, some of the technologies used are:

  • • API Management for publishing and managing APIs.
  • • Azure Functions
  • • Storage structures
The client’s toolkit could now deliver personalized, responsive digital experiences without handling complex database infrastructure.

Modernizing Delivery

As the technology is growing rapidly there are rapid updates of the several software available in the market. This rapid growth requires rapid release updates without sacrificing quality, stability, and security. Csharptek used the tools and processes of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) for the client’s toolkit to release the updates in a fast, consistent and reliable way. Incorporating Azure DevOps has not only increased the time to market but also has improved the collaboration and productivity of the business. DevOps has provided a new life cycle to the toolkit, i.e., plan, develop, deliver, and operate.

Maximizing the use of automation has helped to improve the overall efficiency, identify issues before the release, and quickly migrate issues when they occur. Through Azure Monitor, full observability of the client’s toolkit can take place to maximize performance and availability. Seamless monitoring, better infrastructure visibility, instant notifications, automatic resolution, and many more have been noticed after developing the client’s toolkit through Azure Automation.

Modernizing Security

Security plays an important role in maintaining the client’s toolkit. Multi-layered security across code, pipelines, runtimes, and databases have been provided through Azure Modern App Development. Azure helps to protect workloads with simplicity, identify any new threat early due to its unique intelligence, and protect against the threats such as DDOS. With Azure’s security, the client was able to cover more security coverage with fewer complexities. Using cloud intelligence has improved detection, response, and uptime for the toolkit.


Incorporating Azure Modern App Development strategies for the client’s toolkit has allowed the client to use the application in online process workshops with full confidence. The software developed was secure, robust, and highly functional fulfilling the requirements of the client. Csharptek worked with the client to solve all the major and minor issues without worrying about the difference in time zones. As a result, the development and maintenance of the application have now been modernized and fastened reducing the downtime and cost.

With a Microsoft Silver Cloud Platform Competency, Csharptek aims to turn barriers into miracles for the clients and focuses on building a tailor-made enterprise platform to fulfill their technological needs today, tomorrow, and beyond. Csharptek is an end-to-end IT solution provider company that can help you to modernize your architecture, platform, security, and maintenance through Azure App Modernization. We provide a variety of Azure services, custom software solutions, SaaS Solutions, and many more by our experienced professionals. So, if you are seeking any kind of Azure Services or some kind of custom software from Microsoft’s Silver Competency, get in touch with our front desk supporting team at or call on 18008902630

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