Sharepoint Intranet Website For Law Firm


Sharepoint Intranet Website For Law Firm

Project Info

Created, deployed, and maintained a private intranet website for the client’s various Law groups using Microsoft Sharepoint Server.
  • Industry Domain: Law Firm
  • Technology: MS Sharepoint
  • Location: UK

Introduction to Client

Bringing an innovative approach to legal services, 360 Law Group is the first in the UK to offer legal services on both regulated and unregulated basis. It is an umbrella that consists of 360 Business Law, 360 Business Law America, and 360 Law Services. They use highly qualified solicitors or barristers who work with their clients to fulfill their legal issues instead of using trainers, paralegals, or non-qualified professionals. Gone are the days where businesses and clients had no choice but to pay excessively high rates with poor service. With 360 Law Group, the clients have a real choice to instruct the lawyer and pay as per their needs.

Call for Update

As technology is growing rapidly, the client wanted to use a private network for its employees to ease their internal matters. Building this intranet website was not challenging but the problem was there were three different groups within the client’s firm naming 360 Law Group, 360 Business & Private Client Law, and 360 Law Services and within them, there were different roles such as Super Admin, Administrator, and User where the user can be a part of multiple groups. Building an Intranet website managing these roles and access levels across all groups and users was a challenging task for us.


Csharptek used MS Sharepoint features to develop and maintain the client’s Intranet website. “More than 200,00 organizations and 1 million people have SharePoint for intranets, team sites, and content management” – Microsoft Sharepoint Documents.

Building a Sharepoint intranet website not only increased productivity and visibility of information but also enabled secure sharing, content management, and workflow collaboration. Microsoft SharePoint has a wide variety of options and tools to create intranet websites for any organization. We have used SharePoint Intranet features to connect client’s employees from different departments and raise corporate culture. This was not only a website but a single platform for different groups and roles to come up together and nurture their organization.

What is SharePoint used for?

The major challenge for developing the client’s SharePoint intranet website was to manage various permission and access levels across different groups and users. With SharePoint, these levels were granted accurately to resolve any discrepancies which may arise within the organization.

SharePoint intranet also offers a variety of elements that are required to build an intranet website. Some of them which were used are Communication sites for sharing the organization’s news and reports, the Home site which formed the Dashboard, Hub sites for content management, SharePoint news for any company announcements and status updates, Yammer to interact with employees of different departments belonging to the organization and file sharing, Forms for registering new employees, polls, etc., Streams to deliver live training and events and so on.

Key Website Features

The SharePoint Intranet website is a single platform for the client’s organization where different groups with different roles and levels can work together. Some of the features of the website are listed:

  • •Create Sharepoint site allowing three different groups to log in accordingly and use their permissions and access levels.
  • •The company’s news, announcements, and latest updates are visible to all the users on the dashboard and the admin can easily update this news notifying users. Also, if any post is pinned it will also be displayed on the dashboard informing users about it.
  • •The well-built notification system of the Sharepoint Intranet website allows users to get notified about any new message in their inbox, any company’s announcements, and any new citrus matter.
  • •We have also given an option of Calendar where users can apply for leaves and view their own booked holidays previously. When users apply for leave, a notification is sent to HR informing about the same for approval. Only admins have permission to view the whole organization's holidays.
  • •File Sharing is the major feature of the website between different intranet users and groups. Files can be created and uploaded as well because SharePoint comes with the storage facility of OneDrive.
  • •If any user or group is facing any issue they also have a facility to raise tickets so that the issue can be solved as soon as possible.
  • •One of the most interesting features of the Sharepoint Intranet website is the Company Polls which are also displayed on the dashboard. Admins and Law group users have the option to create new polls.
  • •Information for any training programs within the organization is present on the Training Programs page where users can get discounts on training schemes for the company’s consultants.
  • •Forms for Referrals, Suggestions, and Surveys are easily available.


Csharptek has delivered a SharePoint Intranet website having a variety of features to the client solving all the internal matters of the organization. MS SharePoint has proved that it is the perfect way to develop an intranet. Managing the access levels of different groups challenges were also resolved with SharePoint intranet allowed a way for a variety of features to be provided on the website.

With lots of experience gained from our client’s business, we’ve got a lot of other projects to improve and you need to know that no matter the level of ambiguity in your business, do not hesitate to make changes where it's required, as we can assure you 100% that it's possible to solve any problem even in the most difficult situations.

With a Microsoft Silver Cloud Platform Competency, Csharptek aims to turn barriers into miracles for the clients and focuses on building a tailor-made enterprise platform to fulfill their technological needs today, tomorrow, and beyond. Csharptek is an end-to-end IT solution provider company that can develop your Sharepoint intranet website managing different access levels. We also provide a variety of Azure services, custom software solutions , SaaS Solutions, and many more by our highly skilled professionals. So, if you are seeking any kind of Azure Services or some kind of custom software from Microsoft’s Silver Competency, get in touch with our front desk supporting team at or call on 18008902630

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