Revolutionizing Patent Review Efficiency: A Comprehensive Software Solution for Global Legal and Business Information Provider


Project Info

The client is a leading global provider of legal, regulatory, business information, and analytics services, empowering businesses worldwide with essential insights for informed decision-making.
  • Industry: IT
  • Technology: Azure app service, Machine Learning, .Net core
  • Location: United States


The client stands as a prominent global provider in the realms of legal, regulatory, business information, and analytics. Their offerings play a pivotal role in assisting customers worldwide to boost productivity, enhance decision-making processes, achieve favourable outcomes, and contribute to the advancement of the rule of law on a global scale.

Functioning as a worldwide provider of information-based analytics and decision tools, the client serves a diverse clientele across more than 180 countries. Their comprehensive services cater to business professionals, empowering them with valuable insights and resources essential for informed decision-making in a global context.


The client had extensive need for custom software development ranging from databases that handle patent data, to smartphone apps that allow for charitable donations. They needed to develop full scale software at reasonable prices and quick turnaround.

“Thanks to Csharptek's development support, the client was able to cut the time it took to do a patent review from weeks to just days. Reliable and accommodating, they were quick to respond to concerns and were always ready for consultations. They provided high-quality work at a competitive price.”

Charles E. Root Jr.
Managing Partner, Inter Alia Consulting


Undertaking one of our most intricate projects, we developed a comprehensive solution to meet the diverse software needs of our client. The project focused on creating a sophisticated tool for patent reviewers, enabling them to parse patent data from the USPTO, categorize patents, and utilize various features to rank patents based on multiple criteria. The development process involved iterative "check-ins" with the programming team, allowing beta testers to evaluate new features and provide valuable feedback. Leveraging MS Azure and .NET technologies, we delivered a robust solution, showcasing our expertise in full-stack development. While this project specifically utilized MS Azure and .NET, our versatile team has experience with other technologies such as AWS and Python, providing flexible options for diverse software development needs.

Value added by Csharptek:

The introduction of the program marked a transformative milestone, resulting in a substantial and noteworthy reduction in the duration of patent review processes. The transition was particularly remarkable, diminishing the time required for comprehensive patent assessments from several weeks to a remarkably efficient span of mere days. This significant improvement not only speaks to the efficacy of the implemented program but also underscores its impact in streamlining and expediting critical aspects of patent review. The achievement reflects a commitment to efficiency, precision, and timely decision-making, positioning the company at the forefront of effective patent management practices.

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