Education Proctoring Mobile Application For Teachers


Education Proctoring Mobile Application For Teachers

Project Info

Developed Education Proctoring app for teachers to provide grades anywhere, anytime based on online and offline assessments using .Net and Azure Cognitive Services.
  • Industry Domain: EdTech
  • Technology: ML & AI
  • Location: UAE

About the Client

Coming into the market as the client, of the EdTech company was established in 2001 providing a commitment to e-Learning. By growing International presence and creating corporate responsibility, Knowledge Hub provides a vision for building a good society. The major aim of Knowledge Hub is to provide eLearning solutions using advanced technology for millions of students changing their way to learn, train, and grow. The company has created a lot of engineers, doctors, teachers, educators, and enabled personalized learning. It has also provided the best android app development services. With 97% customer satisfaction, Knowledge Hub has 600 + clients using their products and services.


The client wanted a custom solution for creating online and offline assessments for students. Not only creating assessments but also an app was needed for scanning and uploading the answer sheets by the students for evaluation and providing the results in a shorter period. An automated proctoring system along with several kinds of assessments was required by the client in a single package.


Mobile applications are always handy to use and hence Csharptek developed a mobile application known as Education Proctoring for the client that provided both online and offline assessments and reduces the grading time to more than half for the educators. The mobile app development helped to provide already created exams, create new exams, list several questions, and so on. The students are required to submit their assessments either online or offline by scanning the answer sheets according to their student IDs or anonymously, educators can then evaluate the assessments from anywhere and anytime, and finally provide results to the students along with some feedback.

Technologies Used

• The Education Proctoring app development through Android App Development concepts providing a user-friendly environment and online proctoring

• Allowed students to submit the answers online or offline as per their needs and scanning the answer sheets for evaluation.

• Evaluated results in a short time by using Azure cognitive services and Google Recognition for Image and Handwriting recognition.

App Development

Csharptek developed an app for fulfilling the client’s requirements known as Education Proctoring which could conduct online and offline assessments in a proctored way. The .Net MVC 5 architecture was used for Google Recognizer and Microsoft cognitive services. It enabled the creation of multiple views of a model and supported the development of an SEO-friendly app. Education Proctoring platform provides easy to use interface for grading and analyzing assessments digitally. It has its own set of question banks for numerous subjects based on different levels, skills, or standards. These questions include Multiple Choice Questions, Fill in the blanks, Ordering Matching Pairs, True or False, and even essays. The institute can easily create and manage test items according to their requirements, align content according to their standards, utilize multiple learning measures, create application interoperability, and enable deep content search. The app development is a combination of Data, Content, and Metadata

Evaluating the Scanned Answer Sheets

Csharptek has enabled support for both online and offline assessments for the students. A unique ID is assigned to each student taking the test which eases the evaluation of results. In the case of offline assessments, we have provided the facility to upload scanned answer sheets to the app. The answer sheets are then stored in the Azure cloud where various Azure cognitive services act upon them for Image and Handwriting recognition. Azure along with Google recognizer helps in detecting the scanned images and evaluate the grades for the assessments by recognizing the identity of the student through names and IDs.

Scanning the answer sheet digitally was a problem before but, our developers solved the problem and made the app development easy to handle. Now scanning the answer sheet was no longer time taking for the students and the schools incorporating the app.

Analyzing the Results and providing feedbacks

Educators can evaluate assessments from anywhere and anytime. While evaluating the educators can also provide rich feedbacks to the students per question. With the Education Proctoring app development, students can see the results in just one click on their mobile phones and can also provide feedback to the teachers. Various analytics features are also a part of the Education Proctoring app development such as providing data visualization of student’s performance which can be used by educators to analyze the student’s performance on each question or whole assessment. Finally, the educators can share the results annotated with observations and feedbacks with parents or mentors along with the student. These visuals are created through Microsoft Azure cognitive services bringing AI into the role.


Education Proctoring – the mobile app was developed by Csharptek which offered an effective way to create, manage and deploy assessments in both online and offline manner. It consists of more than 94,000 standard-based assessments that allow educators to quickly measure student performance. The benefits are for several types of people, admin, teachers, and students to provide flexible standards-based formative assessment items. The app development used .Net MVC 5 architecture, scanning of offline answers using Image and Handwriting recognition, evaluation of results through grading, and a variety of analytics features using Azure cognitive services.

Education Proctoring now completely fulfills the requirement of a school or college management by providing great tests as well as for the students who can view their reports quickly. Csharptek worked on every challenge of the client and delivered a flawless product on time. Creating, Grading, and Analyzing assessments are now made easy with Education Proctoring. With a Microsoft Solution Partner Competency, Csharptek provides end-to-end IT solutions that can help you develop your mobile application and publish it to the play store according to your requirements. Csharptek has expert professionals working with Azure Services, SaaS solutions, Managed Services, and many more. So, if you are seeking any kind of Azure Services or some kind of custom software from Microsoft Solution Partner Competency, get in touch with our front desk supporting team at or call on 18008902630

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