ML/AI-Powered Proctoring Enhances EdTech Learning


ML/AI-Powered Proctoring Enhances EdTech Learning

Project Info

Developed Education Proctoring app for teachers to provide grades anywhere, anytime based on online and offline assessments using .Net and Azure Cognitive Services.
  • Industry Domain: EdTech
  • Technology: Mobile Apps and Products
  • Location: UAE

About the Client

Commited to e-learning, the EdTech Company provides enhanced quality of education with innovative approaches to millions of students. The company is a giant in Dubai and throughout the Middle East region. They provide cutting-edge teaching methodologies and learning styles to deliver e-learning to schools and universities. EdTech Company has 97% customer satisfaction and 95% client retention rate with over 600 + clients using their products and services.


Being a leader in the EdTech world, the client wanted an automated proctoring software providing both an online and offline proctoring. The scanned answer sheets by students need to be monitored and analyzed through AI and ML so as to make sure that no cheating has occurred during the assessment. The software developed should also have the facility for Image and Hand writing recognition to ease the evaluation of assessments.


Csharptek developed the custom automatic proctoring software known as Education Proctoring Software for the client which helped to flag any suspicious activity or behavior during the exam. The custom software helped to provide already created exams, create new exams, list several questions, and so on. The software was not only for the online exams but also for the offline and pen-paper assessments. In the offline mode, the students are provided with question papers, they need to give exams on the exam centers, then the answer sheets are scanned by the software, and the results are evaluated according to the Image and Handwriting Recognition.

Technology Stack

  • • Developed Online proctoring software using .Net MVC 5 architecture that can provide exams, create exams, evaluate results, etc.
  • • Scanned answer sheets are stored on the Azure cloud and then Image and Handwriting recognition takes place using Azure cognitive services and Google Recognizer.
  • • Proctoring the audio, video and measuring the sentiments and emotions of student during the exams with AI.

Image and Handwriting Recognition

Csharptek has developed Education Proctoring Software in such a way that after uploading answer sheets in the Azure Storage, image and handwriting recognition takes place. This is done by incorporating Azure Cognitive Services in the software. The handwritten text from the scanned answer sheet images is extracted using the Optical Character Recognition(OCR) technology of Microsoft Azure. The text extracted is then graded digitally according to the answer keys provided to the teachers during evaluation. The grades are then returned to the students enriched with feedback. This feature has massively reduced the labor cost and processing time.

Measuring emotions

Csharptek has enabled Education Proctoring Software with online proctoring which prevents digital cheating through online assessments. Cheating can be prevented by not allowing the students to copy-paste answers from the internet, accessing any other website to find the answers, preventing them to switch tabs, or opening a new window, and so on. At the higher level, the browser is locked until the exam is submitted or time is over. Using Azure recognition API proctoring includes facial detection, mobile detection, audio detection, or any other cheating instrument detection.

Not only proctoring but Education Proctoring Software is also embedded with Artificial Intelligence to measure the stress level and emotions of the student through the image captured while taking assessments. Using Face API of Azure provides several AI algorithms to detect, recognize and analyze human face in an image.


Education Proctoring Software was developed by Csharptek which offered an effective way to create, manage and deploy assessments in both online and offline manner. It consists of more than 94,000 standard-based assessments that allow educators to quickly measure student performance. The benefits are for several types of people, admin, teachers, and students to provide flexible standards-based formative assessment items. The app was developed using .Net MVC 5 architecture, scanning of offline answers using Image and Handwriting recognition, evaluation of results through grading, and a variety of analytics features using Azure cognitive services.

Education Proctoring Software now completely fulfills the requirement of a school or college management by providing great tests as well as for the students who can view their reports quickly. Csharptek worked on every challenge of the client and delivered a flawless product on time. Creating, Grading, and Analyzing assessments are now made easy with Education Proctoring Software. With a Microsoft Solution Partner Competency, Csharptek provides end-to-end IT solutions that can help you perform recognition and analytics through Azure Cognitive Services. Csharptek has expert professionals working with Azure Services, SaaS solutions, Managed Services, and many more. So, if you are seeking any kind of Azure Services or some kind of custom software, get in touch with our front desk supporting team at or call on 18008902630

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