Microsoft teams app development for collaboration platform


Project Info

Learn how the creation of a tailored Microsoft Teams application optimized collaboration processes and improved the efficiency of technician's productivity. It underscores the significance of technology in fostering seamless teamwork and boosting the performance of technical professionals.
  • Industry: Service sector
  • Technology: Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Azure, .Net core, Blazor
  • Location: United States


The client is a service sector-oriented company leveraging a collaborative platform designed to boost technician productivity and improve first-time-fix rates. Their innovative tools and workflow automation empower organizations to seamlessly onboard, train, and support both new and existing technicians. Specializing in appointment scheduling for franchise service chains, contracted service networks, mobile services, and tech support, they are dedicated to enhancing operational efficiency and delivering top-notch services.


The client sought to integrate their web app seamlessly with MS Teams, allowing all team members to access it via their individual MS Teams channels. The client envisioned a process where they could submit a form to schedule a meeting with a technician. The technician, upon receiving the message, could respond accordingly, marking the service as provided and completed. The system would track products used, time spent, and any encountered difficulties. To expedite processes, the client expressed a desire for a bot.

Additionally, the client aimed to manage the web app directly through the Teams app. The dashboard would display all user issues, and users would receive updates exclusively through the Teams App. The goal was to transform the web app into a dedicated MS Teams app, enhancing collaboration and streamlining workflows.


Engaged in the development of an MS Teams app, our team focused on solution architecture and Azure consultancy. We successfully launched the app on the MS Teams Marketplace, aligning with the client's vision to enhance collaboration and streamline workflows within the Teams environment.


Simultaneously handling the Teams channel through both the bot and the app posed challenges. Addition of users to the channel was necessary before sending messages, creating a potential hurdle. Users encountered difficulties in form filling due to unfamiliarity with input requirements. Attachments, including client-uploaded photos and videos with descriptions, presented issues that needed attention.

Value Added:

Effortless communication with the staff, simplified user management, and streamlined issue reporting were achieved. The successful deployment of the MS Teams app development further contributed to enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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