Transforming The Business with Azure Migration


Transforming The Business with Azure Migration

Project Info

Maintaining the software on Azure facilitates high availability, security, reduced costs, and automating through Azure DevOps resulting in better development and maintenance
  • Industry Domain: Risk Management
  • Technology: Azure App Migration
  • Location: Canada

About the Client

Aligned with ISO 31000, AS/NZS 4360, and PMI global standards, the client is a cloud-based Risk Management Software (SaaS) that provides risk management to small and mid-sized organizations. The software can operate on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices making it an ideal tool for real-time risk processing and supporting any imaginable business setting. It has strong support that integrates corporate and project risk managers with leadership teams.

Some of the benefits of the software include easy risk evaluation, 5 * 5 industry-standard risk matrix, pull-down menus for proper entries, easily editable to change the risk levels according to your organization, and re-assessed risk treatment plans. The SaaS software is built using Microsoft Azure making it highly available and providing a great level of security.

Call for Action

The major problem with the client’s website was that it was costing overhead to the client as it was hosted wholly on the client’s Azure account. Keeping the website on your cloud account and not managing it properly always lets you pay more than your calculations. The website was not having proper hyperlinks to the other client’s applications which caused disconnectivity while performing risk management. The entire code of the website was present in GitHub but there was no track of new enhancements added to it meaning no version control features.

Not only the technical issues, but the website was not SEO friendly and was having very limited content containing old images giving outdated look to the website. The client’s website needed to be immediately maintained as it raised performance issues in the website reducing the traffic and increasing the overhead costs.


Csharptek used Azure App Migration to migrate the client’s website on the cloud optimizing the costs, making the website highly available, scalable, reliable, and shipping the new features faster. We helped our client to fulfill their cloud ambitions by assisting them to choose proper cloud infrastructure and throughout the application management process. Migration to Azure leveraged scalability and agility along with DevOps tools to make the website fully automated. We came out with the best web-based solution for the client that not only solved the technical and management issue but also made the website SEO friendly.

Reduced costs

Azure App Migration is a convenient tool that helped in the migration of the client’s website from one platform to another more smoothly and efficiently. The client had a WordPress website hosted on Azure itself, however, it was neither optimized for performance, scalability, or costs. Csharptek shifted the website to a new Azure subscription under the MICROSOFT CSP program which reduced the monthly billing for the client. In addition to this, we helped to reduce the Azure consumption billing amount for the website. We divided the migration process into two parts – Before migration, planning the estimated budget plan for the website ensuring success, and, After migration, optimizing costs, planning for future usages, and monitoring workloads. Our end-to-end management of the website frees up the team to focus on the most valuable processes. Through automation, the regulatory and compliance costs are reduced by 30 percent of monitoring.

Managing the code

As the entire code was migrated to the Azure platform, Azure DevOps helped in the proper management of code and tasks. With Azure DevOps, the latest and immediate access to new features is readily available. It helps in making the process simpler, scalable, and globally available. Azure DevOps has different services that helped in planning smarter, automating with CI/CD, exploratory testing, and high collaboration.

SEO friendly

As the client’s website was having low content, we helped them with SEO-friendly customized content that increases the reach of the website. We have updated the entire content, images, and added some additional targeted keywords. Also, we have added an introduction video to it, which gave it an enhanced and modern look. Making the website SEO friendly with customizations created a trustworthy website experience, brought huge traffic to the website, impressive ROI, enhanced Paid search engine advertising (PPC), and provided 24/7 promotion. Our search engine optimization team has delivered remarkable results giving total transparency increasing the client’s brands.

Inter-linking with other client utilities

Another drawback of the client’s website was that it was not having an inter-linking with other client tools. We have linked the client’s website to the Azure marketplace as well as to other clients’ services and tools. This interlinking helped the client to rise the business under the same umbrella. The users can now find different functionality for managing the risks under the single software.


Azure App Migration provided tremendous flexibility, availability, and scalability to the client’s website that can operate on desktops, phones, and tablets or in the office, field, manufacturing area, and plant. It has optimized the workloads bringing significant savings in services, resources, costs, and maintenance. It has transformed the manner to engage with customers in a more optimized and agile way maintaining a global presence, thereby, increasing the overall performance of the website. Azure also provides a high level of built-in security to ensure that the client’s resources are protected. Facilitating azure migration helped in managing and consolidating hundreds and thousands of active customers, automating the tasks, and accelerating processes over the cloud. In case of emergency or disaster, Azure offers built-in backup and recovery facilities in a single click.

With lots of engagement with different clients, Csharptek can assure you 100 percent solutions to your legacy, old applications. We provide end-to-end IT solutions through Azure App Migration, Azure App Modernization, Azure DevOps, Azure App Service, and many more. So, if you are looking for the best way to use the cloud for your software to bring innovation and agility to the industry, get in touch with our front desk supporting the team at or call on 18008902630

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